What does the customer expect

The wishes of the customers have changed over time. Partly due to the crisis and the uncertainty it brings with it. Life goes on and fortunately we can still buy what we want. Previously we used to go to a store now we also like to do this online.

Everything that was very normal is now no longer. During a crisis we have to minimize the consequences. Everyone has their habits and routine. That is where we find regularity and certainty. After all, we are human and often look for a bit of empathy. We have to keep up with the changes. We take video bells as an example. Previously an unknown and unnecessary phenomenon. Now it is almost impossible to imagine life without it during meetings, birthdays and any social occasion. The need for human contact has strongly increased.

Customer demand has changed

During a crisis in which everyone around the world has to adapt. The needs change enormously. What we valued before the crisis will now be seen as less important. In times of need, wishes change. We don't want to complain anymore, everyone feels the annoying consequences. We have to help each other. But what does the customer expect in the year 2020?

Online is the new accessibility

Being online was a modern concept until a few years ago. Now it's impossible to imagine a household without it. Worldwide there is a demand for online availability and huge investments have been made. Think of online support and online marketing. Many companies can also be reached with live chats. Many companies have had to adapt to customer demand. The need is different in this day and age.

Openness is important

As a result of the developments online, privacy and the way we deal with it have also changed a lot. Therefore, it should be clearly indicated what is done with your information online. Especially when it comes to the health of a customer. The trusted feeling what is faster in personal contact, should now also be online.

Knowledge offers power

In order to get a good picture of a crisis, we need to have knowledge about it. In order to know what to do with the corona crisis, the government attaches great importance to the information provided by, among others, the RIVM. Despite the fact that this information is not complete and not even up to date. Nevertheless, we must have a basis on which to form a policy. The Corona crisis now shows that scientific investments are important. Knowledge that does not seem relevant appears to have become important and has now become a consequence of society.

An online tool is now indispensable. Online meetings are just that little bit more for the multinationals. Because of the movement in the wishes of the customer, acquiring knowledge online is much easier and with more possibilities. So you maintain an active relationship with your customer.

What will the future be?

Nobody can look into their crystal ball and tell us what the future will bring. Certainly not in this day and age. We know better than anyone that not everything can be calculated. What will it be like after the crisis? Will we adopt new habits or go back to the old days? However, we must continue to innovate and adapt to customer demand even after this crisis. We need to know where our customers are, this will mainly be digital. In addition, we will have to suppress costs. Because of all the uncertainties that the future may have, it is wise not to incur too many unnecessary costs. Reduce the risk and look for the most advantageous way to continue offering the product or service. Keep track of customer demand. Stay up to date and conduct customer surveys. This way you know what the customer needs in case of changes. Think out of the box and be prepared to do things differently.

Put the customer first

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