ETB Support Solutions has been the expert in the field of all your customer contacts since 2003. With our unique approach we serve a number of renowned brands. Customer loyalty is of paramount importance to us. We take the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which indicates whether customers would recommend your company, seriously.

Outsourcing the customer contact can of course be done in different ways. In the meantime, customized solutions have been offered for various sectors. We are experts in the field of customer service, technical support, customer retention, cross- and upsell and, of course, acquisition. Together with you we look for a custom solution for all your customer challenges.

Telephone customer contact is only part of our expertise. Also in the field of virtual contact: chat, email, whatsapp and social your customers are in good hands with us. Outsourcing your back office activities is also part of our service. We have several well-known platforms at our disposal to realize the integration of systems.

With a presence on several continents, supported by more than 500 energetic employees, ETB Group is your partner in this field. We are represented in 7 cities, 10 locations and have over 650 Seats. With its on-, near- and offshore locations, the ETB Group offers the right balance between quality and costs. Of course we offer the best solution for your specific customer demand.


  • ✓ Problem solving

  • ✓ Fast & flexible

  • ✓ Transparent

  • ✓ One stop shop

  • ✓ Good Price-quality ratio

  • ✓ Cultural knowledge


  • ✓ Tele appointments

  • ✓ Tele marketing

  • ✓ Taking surveys

  • ✓ Retention calls

  • ✓ Data update calls

  • ✓ Lead generation

  • ✓ Tele Sales

  • ✓ Digital sales

  • ✓ Collection Calls

  • ✓ In-outbound calls

  • ✓ Order intake & management


  • ✓ Customer service

  • ✓ Complaints management

  • ✓ Data update service

  • ✓ Welcome calls

  • ✓ VIP customer service

  • ✓ IT solutions


  • ✓ Telephone

  • ✓ Chat

  • ✓ Whatsapp

  • ✓ Sociale media

  • ✓ Monitoring Reviews

  • ✓ E-mail

  • ✓ Web form

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