How does the customer experience your customer friendliness

If you already score above the norm for customer satisfaction why should you change your customer experience? This is a question that every company should ask itself if you want to keep scoring high customer satisfaction. Distinguish yourself from others and your customer centric.

Research has shown that??
Most consumers with a better customer experience are also willing to spend more. Globally, companies put their product or service at the center of their attention. This is often at the expense of their customer experience. Nowadays, a revamp is so online and is a trigger for anyone doing a little research. That's why in 2020 the customer experience is just as important as the quality and price ratio for a successful company.

Service or product versus customer experience

When is a customer satisfied? What is important to a customer? And how can you as a company anticipate this? Think about how long your customer will be put on hold, how they will be spoken to and even if you can remember some personal details about the customer. For example, whether they have children or not. It is precisely these human aspects that have an impact on the customer experience.

“Customer experience says a lot about what the customer expects and customer satisfaction is measured using parts that are important for the organce”

Distinguish yourself from the competition through the Customer Experience

More and more companies are showing their customer satisfaction on their website. With a high score this is certainly wise. With this you show that your customer is satisfied with the service you offer. If, for example, when ordering a washing machine, your organization also offers the installation as a service and with your knowledge the washing machine was only delivered at the front door. This is definitely a positive difference. Because of that one extra service the customer pays a few extra euros for the same washing machine. Translated with (free version)

Mapping customer experience to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is easier to investigate than the customer experience. You ask the customer about a number of aspects within your organization and ask them to rate them. Everything you score low in is an aspect you want to focus on as a company. This is where you set your goals and step by step you are improving your business. Customer experience is relative. And especially the moment of approach is very important. For example, that you give your customers an annual bonus.

 Optimizing your customer satisfaction

Would you like to work on your customer experience within your organization? We are happy to offer you handles. We do research into your type of customer. What do they need for a positive customer experience? We discover what the pain points are and how to improve them. Do you want more information about this or do you want to know how it goes within your organization? In a noncommittal conversation I will explain in more detail. We can be reached by mail or phone number.

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This is my blog about customer satisfaction within an organization. Everyone can experience this differently. Do you want to add something to this blog or do you see it differently? Let me know by mail.