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Together we are strong. This is also the starting point for successful collaboration if you want to outsource your back office. As a result, the use of knowledge and experience is optimally utilized. This allows you to get the most out of the collaboration without compromising someone else's expertise. There is intensive cooperation and you have the same goal in mind.

Why outsource back office?

When outsourcing your back office, you can think of support for current tasks, but also for supplementing tasks. Why would you choose this? Of course everyone has their own motivations, but most entrepreneurs we work with indicate that they want to focus on their service or product. Many entrepreneurs recognize this and prefer not to spend their time on administrative tasks. That is why outsourcing these tasks is an enrichment for many. In this way, the entrepreneur can focus on what he is good at and make optimal use of his talent and everything around it that you as an entrepreneur cannot let go of by professionals.

All benefits at a glance

What advantages do you have as an entrepreneur when you outsource your back office:

Reduced risk – When you outsource your back office, you give away a bit of care. You as an entrepreneur are not responsible for the tasks that you have outsourced. Think, for example, of the major financial consequences that can arise if an employee is ill.

Innovative – Because the collective labor agreements and the legislation and regulations change with some regularity, you as an entrepreneur must continue to renew your knowledge in this regard. As a professional, you must stay up to date with these changes and apply them where necessary. The employees of the back office are coached and are regularly offered training.

Need less financial resources – Certainly at the start of your business, this is a great advantage and offers peace of mind as an entrepreneur. Think, for example, of financing that is needed for staff. The staff must be paid earlier than the moment that your debtor has paid. When outsourcing this, we take over this pre-financing and you don't have to worry about it.

Time saving – Still the most noticeable advantage. The time you would spend on administrative tasks or to brush up on your knowledge of all laws and regulations, or to call all non-paying debtors. These are all tasks that you as an entrepreneur can transfer, leaving a lot of time to focus on your personal service or product.

We see that these are the most common benefits. Is outsourcing your back office perhaps also something for your company, but do you want your personal wishes to be taken into account? Are you wondering whether outsourcing your back office will also work for your company? Feel free to ask your questions.

Outsourcing back office and costs?

Outsourcing back office and costs?

Many companies think that outsourcing a back office is a costly investment. They think doing it yourself is more beneficial. Nothing is less true. When you take all factors into account, it turns out afterwards that outsourcing your back office can still be cheaper. Think of the time you and your employees have to devote to updating their knowledge of laws and regulations, insurance of your personnel and the general costs of your personnel, etc.

These are tasks and costs that you as an entrepreneur cannot avoid. If you want it to be done right, you will have to invest a lot of time and money in this. By outsourcing your back office, you are more efficient as an entrepreneur.

Do you have any questions about the above? Let us know via the contact form.


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