Every organization has its own primary administrative processes. When these activities are not efficient and well organized, this will cost time and money, with all its consequences.

This outsourcing requires good preparation and partnership. Are you thinking about making your organization run more efficiently ? In addition to intensive customer contact, the ETB Group can also outsource all your administrative processes.

This can be both structural and incidental, e.g. in case of a temporary backlog.

Why outsource your back-office processes to the ETB Group?

Because of our on-, near- and offshore possibilities we are able to offer this support / outsourcing cost effectively. This enables us to realize this efficiently and scalable for you. If you choose us, you will benefit from extremely low costs and a flexible way of outsourcing. With a proven track record we deliver high quality and service.

Which services do we offer:

  • Handling incoming customer responses
  • Webcare (review management)
  • Data Control Order Entry
  • Data management
  • Data check

  • Important advantages for outsourcing your back office

    Efficient turnaround times

    Make your administrative processes efficient and shortened. Your orders and / or orders can be processed quickly and efficiently. Your customer benefits directly from a good and fast handling of matters.

    Increase your capacity

    Outsourcing your administrative processes results in an enormous capacity increase. This frees up time in your organization to focus on the quality of your delivered services.

    Focus on your customers

    An important advantage for outsourcing your administrative work is that the full focus will be on your customers. Your core task is therefore to provide a good service for your customers.

    Quality of data

    Through our years of experience we are able to do a correct registration of data. This data ensures that you have insight into the most common issues. This way you are able to proactively manage your processes. This way you get more out of your data.

    Efficient cost management

    Outsourcing your administration ensures an efficient way of managing your costs. You agree in advance on a fixed price per document or file, so it is no longer necessary to include these costs in the hourly price of your own employees.

    For questions or more information please contact us using the contact form.