July 4, 2024

Gurbet Kuşu Festival: A Celebration of Culture, Art, and Community

As ETB Group, we were honored to sponsor the remarkable Gurbet Kuşu Festival held last Saturday, June 29th, organized by the Belgian Consulate in Istanbul and Tim Van Anderlecht. On this day, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the migration treaty between Belgium and Turkey. We are proud to provide employment for over 1,000 colleagues with a Belgian/Dutch background. Together with all our dedicated employees, we build strong customer service, back office, IT, and financial support for all our customers. Belgium is crucial to us as a country, fostering a healthy relationship and creating valuable employment opportunities for Turks with a Belgian background.

Special Thanks to Our Esteemed Guests and Performers

A highlight of the event was the presence of the Minister of Family and Social Services, whose support and participation added significant prestige to the festival. Her involvement underscored the event’s importance and the collective effort to foster community spirit and cultural exchange. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the performers who made the day memorable. The outstanding performances by Kubat, Ramazan Sesler, Ali Pinar & Tango Neva, and artist Karl Talip Kara created a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees. A special mention goes to Hadise, whose visit was particularly delightful and added an extra layer of excitement to the festival.

Supporting Art and Community Causes

In addition to enjoying the festivities, we participated in the event’s auction, acquiring a beautiful artwork by Jeroen Demoen. The proceeds from this piece, along with those from other sold artworks, will be donated to the Buradayız Hatay Association. This contribution reflects our commitment to supporting meaningful causes and giving back to the community.

The acquired artwork, titled “Gravid,” holds a poignant and deeply emotional significance. Inspired by the aftermath of the February 6 earthquake in Turkey, it tells a tragic story shared by a volunteer working at a call center. This friend received a desperate call from a woman who had lost her entire family and was left alone on the street with a two-day-old newborn. Her belongings had been stolen, and despite the volunteer’s relentless efforts to secure help for over a week, aid arrived too late. The mother and her newborn tragically succumbed to the freezing conditions.

The piece is named “Gravid” not only because of the woman’s tragic situation but also due to its meaning in Turkish, which signifies both “pregnant” and “expecting good or better news.” This dual meaning encapsulates the sorrow and the hope intertwined in the narrative. The artwork is crafted from aluminum and features red and yellow marbling details. The red symbolizes the hurt and suffering endured, while the yellow represents sunshine and hope amidst the darkness.

A Day of Culture, Art, and Solidarity

The Gurbet Kuşu Festival was more than just a celebration; it was a day filled with culture, art, and solidarity. Attendees came together to enjoy diverse performances and contribute to a good cause, highlighting the power of community and shared experiences. We at ETB are grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful event and look forward to our continued involvement in similar initiatives in the future.

Our Commitment to Excellence

As a company dedicated to delivering high-quality customer support solutions, ETB values clear communication, cultural knowledge, speed, flexibility, and a strong price-quality relationship. Our participation in the Gurbet Kuşu Festival aligns with our mission to support social responsibility initiatives and foster community engagement.

Looking Forward

We are excited about the future and remain committed to supporting and participating in events that celebrate culture, art, and community. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the Gurbet Kuşu Festival a special and successful event.