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Strong CX for strong brands. For over 21 years, ETB Support Solutions has been known for one thing above all: outstanding customer loyalty and an optimal customer experience. With our proven track record in the field of on-, near- and off-shore solutions, we relieve you in all your customer processes - and represent your company and your online store in the best possible way.

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Increase your CX success – together with ETB

We know that good customer experiences increase sales. With the expertise of over 1,500 ETB employees, we support and advise major brands for an optimal customer journey – always with a strong focus on the Net Promoter Score NPS and, of course, customer lifetime value. Our goal: to make good customer service even better.

ETB – the perfect business card for your company

ETB offers you all-round support and targeted solutions – at an excellent price-performance ratio: in customer service, technical support, customer loyalty, cross-selling and upselling as well as acquisition.

Of course, we are active for your company by phone and virtually/digitally: contact via chat, email, WhatsApp and social media channels – according to your needs. In short: we quickly increase your customer satisfaction and create customer loyalty on every communicative platform – always in line with your customers and your strategy.


  • Use Istanbul as an ideally connected nearshore location – we are also culturally very close to Europe here
  • Offshore plays an important role in reducing costs for companies and optimizing margins.
  • Avoid the labor shortage on the European market.
  • Benefit with your company from highly developed cooperation between customer and offshore partner.
  • Close to your customers: ETB guarantees geographical proximity to your target markets and optimum accessibility.
  • Optimal infrastructure with a wide range of technical options guarantee an optimal customer experience and thus high customer satisfaction.
  • A huge pool of bilingual employees trained in Germany with in-depth knowledge of your target markets. This is how you score points with your customers – and in the Customer Satisfaction Score.
  • Lower wage costs and significantly greater flexibility – compared to other European countries
  • Benefit from our strong customer loyalty measures and the ETB service principle with 100% customer satisfaction focus – for a perfect first impression, optimal information and support as well as the best service, even after the sale.
  • Rely on uncompromising quality for a perfect brand experience and ideally targeted marketing – for long-term word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Whether digital or physical: rely on advanced technology and effective measures for your most valuable asset: satisfied customers.
  • ETB Support Solutions is equipped with state-of-the-art systems for customer relationship management at the highest level.
  • This means that we always use the most common and most modern call center software of the latest generation.
  • We can offer all our services regardless of location.
  • The decisive advantage is the enormous flexibility with which we can set up the virtual working environment and its functions according to the wishes of our and your customers. For your individual needs.
  • Social media monitoring, customer lifetime value, etc., etc. – with ETB you have the best insight and ideal overview of all data. We work with you to develop various reports and provide you with a real-time dashboard.
  • Analyze, measure and evaluate the satisfaction of your customers – and use our technical measures to acquire new customers and retain existing customers in the long term.
  • We can use information for coaching and training purposes and, of course, to increase efficiency. Our customers can log in and see everything in real time.
  • To summarize: increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is always possible with our technology. Your customers are very likely to recommend your company to others.

We have a solution for the skills shortage

Christopher Lohmann and Hakan Yagci are your contacts for ETB's customer projects in German. Whether processing, IT services or customer service: We find the German-speaking specialists you need.
"As an ETB customer, I was so impressed by the concept and the people that I gave up my job as CEO of HDI to work with ETB to offer solutions to the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change in German-speaking countries."

Dr. Christopher Lohmann

The Mulberry Ventures



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